Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anamosa - Where gossip becomes myth

Talk to the locals in Anamosa, birthplace of Grant Wood, and you'll hear a lot of stories about the painter, some true, some lovingly extrapolated fables. As local tourism officials struggle to bring people to the town by playing up Wood's connection to it, they find themselves at the generational juncture where local gossip becomes myth. Most of the people who actually knew Wood are long gone and those remaining are retiring or retired. Still, there is a lot to see, most of it in Stone City, a quarry town four miles north of Anamosa where Wood ran an art colony in 1932, and a whole lot of stories to hear.

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Sarah said...

This is my FAVORITE BILLBOARD OF ALL TIME. Much better than the "God is Pro-Life . . . Are You?" billboard on I-380 to Cedar Rapids. It always sends me into disturbing reflections of the Flood, Noah, and other massive destruction in the Bible. Sorta distracting while you're driving.
Love the blog and all of the stories about the Iowa State Fair.
Hope you're doing great!!