Saturday, January 10, 2009

Story in the Iowan

Here's an image of the print layout of the labyrinth story that was just published in the Iowan. I'm loving the pic of Stan and Man, my retirees who built the labyrinth in Waterloo:


Leah Campbell Badertscher said...


As an Iowan (and former Iowa City resident) who now lives in Indiana, I greatly appreciate your fondness for my home state! (People ask me, "Iowa - Indiana...aren't they pretty much the same!" This, of course, horrifies me. "Absolutely not!" - is one of my tamer replies) I came across your blog after perusing the Iowan magazine website - keep up the good work!


Emily said...

Thanks for reading the piece, Leah. I find there are many fascinating things going on in Iowa, but they often get framed in a "no, we're not in New York, we're in Iowa" light, which is really lame. It's the job of the state's writers to seek out the cool stuff and communicate why it is cool in it's own right. The Iowan has done a really good job recently of moving away from purely traditional images of the state.