Monday, February 25, 2008

It's confirmed: Book Signing Junkie

Crazy book nut! Last fall I wrote a little first-person piece on my obsession with book signings. It ran today on the back page of Publishers Weekly in the magazine's Soapbox Column. I've been waiting all my life for a soapbox to stand on!

I hope Paul Ingram over at Prairie Lights doesn't mind the shout out. I really do love that guy. The editor at PW cut a lot of good stuff for space, including the part where I wrote of Paul as being like a Mexican jumping bean.


Nicholas Bergus said...

Favorite bit:

Truly nothing ever comes of these meetings in the way of a personal connection—except for one flirty exchange I had with Jonathan Safran Foer at Politics and Prose in D.C.

JSF: “Wow, I really like your sweater.”

Me, in a tight green sweater: “Gee, thanks. I really love your books!”

cliff said...

Sweet! An admirable devotion given attention in the appropriate market, I enjoyed the piece.

You should post the edited excerpts or at least let me see :)