Friday, February 15, 2008

The Rural Incident

Last summer, Sarah Clunis, former curator of African Art at the University of Iowa Museum of Art and Katie Roche, cultural animator extraordinaire and all-around culture vulture started a series of art events in Oxford, Iowa called "The Rural Incident." In her academic work, Clunis studies rituals and their portrayal in art. She decided to host her own art salon in her town of 800 as a way to celebrate local art and also display the works of artists who might not otherwise see their works exhibited in eastern Iowa. Let's face it. There's a lot of people making art out here and what actually gets shown is generally pretty crappy. My profile of Clunis just ran in ArtScene Iowa. Beware -- it's a pdf and you have to scroll through the mag to find it.


cliff said...

Technically speaking, pdf notation for web writing should come as a parenthetical note, directly after the link's visible text.

One man's pdf matrix

cliff said...

College style guides (link list).

This is a better example, in a way.

Emily said...

Wow. I never knew cliff was such a pedant. And that's no walking insectivore.