Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Magic with words

Sarah Prineas gave a reading to a packed room at the Iowa City Public Library today. She was a complete doll -- really connected with the audience and kept them on their toes while reading parts out of two chapters, the beginning of her book The Magic Thief and the chapter where he main character, Connwaer, turns himself into a cat. She served biscuits, which play a prominent role in the book. I spoke to some adults on my way out who seemed rather taken with her and the book. One man spoke of being particularly fascinated with the way she explains how magic works. This pic shows her writing secret messages in a Rune alphabet she created with her daughter, Maude, in some of her fans' books.


Foy and Jeff said...

If you are interested in bringing this book or any other fantasy novel to an international audience feel free to mail/bring them to us.

Don't bother mailing hard covers. Its not worth the price.


Emily said...

Cute, Jeff. I've already packed that one, but I will be sure to bring lots of reading material, as much as we can pack, the weight of a small obese child in print media.